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No glasses? Your Free Depthography Anaglyph Spex kit awaits you...

Looking to purchase anaglyph glasses for a project,

custom anaglyph imaging, or complete anaglyph services?

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This 3-D anaglyph was created by Sara Cook of The Depthography Group to demonstrate our 2-D into 3-D process and salute Stanley Kubrick and his visionary film,"2001 A Space Odyssey". Promotional art created by Robert McCall for the movie was converted into 3-D and can be viewed with standard red and blue glasses ( email for info on availability) .This is the first of many glyphs Depthography will be showcasing on the net...So pull out your 3-D spex (email us about obtaining them), and enjoy the show...



This 3-D anaglyph was created by R. Anthony Munn, and Arby Schuman of The Depthography Group and this image is also Depthography's first original lenticular image shot in 1990. It is entitled Auto- Stereoscopik. The 50's dreamcar featured is the Lincoln Futurra, which eventually became the bat mobile on the 60's tv show Batman.



This image above is a full color anaglyph. This promotional still of Jim Carrey was converted into 3-D by the Depthography Group in collaboration with Tom Brigham (Academy Award winner for the invention of the computer morph) durring the launch of the first "Ace Venturra Pet Detective" movie.


This Oscar, which was presented to PIXAR for Toy Story, was featured as a 50"x30" Lenticular display at the SIGGRAPH 98' Electronic Theatre. The show was entitled "25 Years of Computer Graphics in Cinema"

To purchasing Depthography's

3-D Anaglyph Art Posters...

These are high resolution photographs of exceptional quality!

11" x 11" anaglyph photographic print with 2 pairs of glasses,


20" x 20" anaglyph photographic print with 2 pairs of glasses,


Please let us know which image you might be interested in as

some designs may be commercial work...

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Depthography 3-D Anaglyph Custom Services and Packages.

Anaglyphs are images you see in 3-D with red & blue glasses.

Depthography offers regular greyscale and full color anaglyph services.

Send us your concept, photo, or stereo pair to be

transformed into a 3-D anaglyph!

Utilizing Depthography's unique photo realistic none planar

imaging capabilities, the depth is natural looking with curves,

roundness & photo perfect resolution.

Makes a perfect tie in for your current advertising campaign or company logo.

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